Velex Courier Online Tracking

Velex Courier Tracking

If any courier has given highest priority to its customers, it is certainly Velex  Courier, which is now head-quartered in Navi Mumbai.  Although, it began its humble journey only in the year 2013 in the month of September, it has taken giant strides in the market within such short span of time. It says it has philosophically accepted its customers as gods by describing “PEOPLE FIRST” as its sole motto in its operations. Treating customers as its assets, it has made best efforts to espouse the interest of people as its sole cause of existence and for this it has also made use of best parts of technology.

The Velex courier company

What are its objectives of Velex  courier?

i)  It has made best attempts to bring in top corporate customers with concessional packages, who can give large volumes in business.

ii)  It has the specialty to cater to e-commerce business.

iii)  Through technology based functioning, it does great value addition to its service.

iv)  If any customer has any specific need, it can give tailor-made solutions to its customers.

v)  It is expanding its base in India rapidly to reach every nook and corner of the country.

It has employed experienced professionals from the courier industry to manage the operations of its business.

Tracking-most efficient

Visit the official URl here and tracking is available in the left side of the page, that’s look like this

The Velex Courier Tracking

You can either enter multiple awb numbers or reference numbers in the box or then click on the ‘track here’ below.

It will give you the exact status of your booking.

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