Total Courier and Cargo Services Tracking

Total Courier and Cargo Services

As its name goes, “Total Courier” gives comprehensive and complete solution for the needs of courier of people. It has forever made sure that the customers get the right return of their money and worth of service exceeding their hopes. It has always ensured that there is always a very competitive, educative, and real work atmosphere inside the office of its organization, which would bring greater participation from its employees. In this process, it has assured that the investors get enough returns and opportunities for growth for their investment.  Despite the focus on development of business, it has never deviated from the ethical and moral principles, which are reasons of its growth in the past.

Total Courier and Logistics Company in India

Total Courier Services

Cash on delivery service –  In this, it collects the value of the product from the consignee.  For this, it charges USD 25 in addition to the total price of the product.

Service for importing products – Through this unique service, the party could decide to pick up any product from any other part of the world. The interested clients could contact its local offices to know about this service in order to import anything from any part of the world.

Accounts for the entire world – At present for transactions in India, UAE,  Sri Lanka, and Nepal, it assigns a single account number for transactions throughout the world. It could trace the details of transactions from this single account number.

Facility for multi-station accounts – Clients could take up the service to send international shipments to multiple locations in one country. If the client has a centralized account, he could send consignments from Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi to other parts of India.

Specialized services –  Based on the needs of the clients, it also gives specialized services to its clientele. Such services are scheduled services and return services. Scheduled services are deliveries that take place at fixed timing in a day. Return services are for taking return of materials along with the signature of the client.

Service of a Diplomat – Total courier could assign a representative at different locations in the world to take delivery of any important item.

Specialized logistical solutions – The clients could contact its local offices for their needs of any special logistics requirements.

Facility for bonded warehousing – As it has extensive warehousing facilities for its clients, it could safely keep the products for any duration.

Total Courier Customer Care Number
As most of its customer care services are available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and other part of India. If you have any complaint and wanted to know the status of the parcel then feel free to call to the below given helpline number –

  • 022-4022-6750
  • 022-6671-2298
  • 022-6671-2097
  • 022-6671-2099
  • 044-2823-2288
  • 93701-11222

Total Courier Tracking
The clients could track & trace the Total Courier parcel with the help of AWB number or reference number. It would give him the present status of the consignment in transit instantly.

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