Swfit Courier Tracking Online and Customer Care

Swift Courier Services

Swift Courier Services is one of the premier courier services company operating out of Denver, Colorado. What makes them tick is their service automation.

Everything starting from booking, pick up, handling, delivery, tracking to its accounts, billing, payments and other administrative functions are automated.

The Swift Courier Services


The automation process is integrated seamlessly into all their functions and the updating and sharing of information happens concurrently with service execution.

The vehicles are equipped with GPS systems for easy location tracking and radio communication equipment. The process of automation starts from the pick-up point when the driver picks up the package. A bar code scan is done to update the package details to their database and at the destination an electronic signature is captured and updated on a real-time basis to their systems. The customer has access tothis information online and can stay updated at all times regarding the status of his shipment.

Their website provides the customers a number of other information and functions essential to their business like delivery statistics, email delivery confirmation, online quotes and online invoicing and reports of many different types. Other functions like printing of reports, bar code generation, address book maintenance, easy order placement, even invoice payment options are also available on their website.


To suit the needs of their customers they offer different service options to their customers. They offer same day or next day urgent delivery options to customers anywhere within the state of Colorado. They offer a very flexible payment structures to their customers.  This includes pricing based on distance the consignment goes, pricing at a flat rate for packages within the Denver metropolitan area and its suburbs. They also offer a flat rate subscription on a per month basis for frequent service users.

Besides the above, they also offer freight services for up to 16,000 pounds for which independent contractors are used. They also provide routed deliveries for frequent users on a predetermined route, these usually are inter-office deliveries.

A customer can also preschedule his delivery in advance, there is no time limits here.

They also offer bulk delivery services for large consignments directly or through independent contractors with the option of same day or next day delivery.

How to track

There website is here that provides the customers to track their consignment efficiently.  The main navigation menu on top has an option “Track”.

Easy tracking tool of Swift Courier Services

When the customer clicks this he is taken to the tracking page where he can track his consignment by entering his unique tracking number in the space provided and then clicking on the button “Track It”.

Registered users have the benefit of more information at their disposal as mentioned above. They are also provided the means to track their consignment by date, reference number, address, and a few other ways besides the tracking number.

Customer Care

If the customer does not have access to the internet then he may call the helpline at 303-422-2222 to find out the status of his shipment.

Swift Courier has its head office in Denver, Colorado. The street address is premises number 1937 S Newton Street, the PIN code being 80219.

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