Spoton Courier Tracking via SMS, Online

Spoton Courier Tracking via SMS, Online

Startek Logistics came in to existence in the year 2011. It took place, when one equity firm ‘India Equity partner ’decided to buy the domestic part from TNT India Pvt. Ltd. Operating under the brand-name ‘Spoton’, the same company has become a major logistics provider to the industries. It has its registered office at Bangalore and it unites around 800 people through its network in India. It has to its credit 11 hubs, 3 regional offices, and 8 depots. With its remarkable ability in making movement of cargo through time-bound services, it offers a strong and professional base to its clients all over India.

Spoton Courier in India

Spoton Courier services

Spoton has divided its services into two categories,, such as road express and special services.

Let’s have glances at the special features of these two exclusive services.

Road Express

First of all as a major service provider on road, it gives different tailored and cost-effective services by road.  The features of this service are as follows;

  1. It gives pick up as well as delivery services from door.
  2. It has developed the facility for giving its clients e-proof-of-delivery (e-pod) online.
  3. It could also secure e-invoice for its clients, who want to avail it online.
  4. It also accepts the request from its clients to book their cargo online.
  5. It has 24×7 support from customer-care with dedicated telephone number 1800-200-1414.
  6. It has unrivalled world-class process that assures prompt and hassle-free services.
  7. It gives road transportation for larger shipments by means of dedicated vehicles from point-to-point services.
  8. It is familiar everywhere for its direct, safe, and secure movement of cargo.
  9. All its vehicles are extremely well-maintained as those have the best fire-extinguishers and other devices to make transportation of goods completely safe and damage free.

Special services

The second category of services is available in special services. Such services have the following features;

  1. Services for enhanced liabilities – It takes up additional liabilities at slightly higher prices. The services for additional liabilities come in the forms of coverage for loss and damage in transit.
  2. Handling of cargo on priority – It has also designed another service that handles cargo for transportation on priority basis. It could speed up delivery of cargo through its special network and delivers with efficiency and speed.
  3. Service to collect the freight – It also collects the freight fee before making deliveries at the place of consignee on behalf of consignor.
  4. Service for value to collect – It collects invoice or defined value from the consignee as the latter receives the goods only after paying the value.

Spoton Courier Customer Care
The clients could contact the customer care by dialing 1800-200-1414. They could mail to and get solutions for their queries.

Toll Free Number – 1800-200-1414

Email Address –

You can use above mentioned contact details in order to get in touch with Spoton Courier.

Spoton Courier Tracking Solution

Login to account – The clients could login to their account to track the status of their pending consignments in transit.

Track online – Customers can track with their consignment number or awb number and know the instant status of their cargo in transit by Click on Con / Reference under Track Your Shipment

Track via SMS – In order to track Consignment just sms “Track <Consignement Number>” to 91-92433-92433

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