When we talk about the best in the courier service how can we forget the one i.e Quantium Courier Solutions of the supreme courier services which is equally good for the domestic and international level of service. They understand that to be a class apart there is a very hard core rule which should be followed with dedication, focus, flexibility, energy and with a force of youthful talent.

Quantium Courier Services India

They maintain the line of professionalism and they also deliver the pure strategy of being the most prompt courier service. They have been doing everything to gain the trust of their customer and by all extent they have succeeded in it. They have currently established their offices in the ten different countries of the world and in the year 2009 quantium solutions, was fully incorporated by a Singapore based company named Singapore post ltd.

They have the reach to very major countries of the world like Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Japan including India as well.

Be it a domestic or the international service they always maintain their reputation by giving the best service in the world and they have been successful in doing so.

Do you want to check or track Quantium  courier at your desktop?  Then just follow the simple step which is mention below for you to help you and let you know the full process of tracking the consignment:

  • Simply visit the site and wait for the site to open completely.
  • Look at the mid bottom right side of the screen and there you will see a box with the heading ‘Track Status’ outside the box like this:

Quantium Courier Tracking system to check status of your parcel

  • Now in that box there is an option for you to select tracking no. or reference no. on the left top side of the box like blow screen, selcet any of the option you have with you:

Choose appropriate option on Quantium tracking system

  • Now type the number of the option you have selected, if you have selected tracking no then type it or else type the reference no.
  • After that click on the black button “TRACK NOW” this is outside the box and wait.
  • After a few seconds you will see your consignment status on the screen.

What’s the customer care number of Quantium Solutions in India?

To talk to the quantium solutions customer care officers you can at anytime give them a call on the numbers given below:

India Customer Care Number: 080-221-33262 / 33261

9 thoughts on “Quantium”

  1. Good day,

    I urgently need 2 parcels that was sent from Bangkok Thailand on 27 November to South Africa.

    Tracking numbers are:

    RQ102540261SG and RQ102540SG

    Can you please assist me regarding this. I need the parcels before 18 December.

    George Dyson
    +27 71 171 1111

  2. Hi, if possible can u please schedule the delivery of my parcel with the tracking number MFC4008290 from FASHIONARA tomorrow ie. January 14, 2014.

    Today morning, I had a word with one of your courier executive and i requested him to keep the parcel with him since I m working and requested him to deliver on Saturday.

    But tomorrow, I have an off so can you please instruct the person to deliver the parcel tomorrow only, since I will not be at home on saturday.


    Sampada Sansara

  3. I have a shipment to be delivered in pune ( DAZP019011 ). It’s status shows that it had reached delivery branch.
    let me know if it is pune itself, so that i can collect it by myself rather than waiting for 3 more days.

  4. I am trying to find out my parcel. Server was unable to process request . what is this meassage . How many days will you take ? across to 10 days. is it best courier policy?

  5. Good morning,
    We have been waiting for a parcel almost a month now our tracking number is RQ026762968SG and we are situated in South Africa could please give me an indication on when we will receive our package please.

    Best regards
    Kobus Venter

  6. Shipments sent by following Tracking Nos. DPCLUE0006882, 0007173 from New Delhi on 20th Mar 2014.
    When they will be delivered.

  7. Hi, I ordered on 31/3/14 it has arrived in england on 9/4/14 but still have not received parcel. my tracking number is RQ103252828SG

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