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Customer satisfaction is the goal of Pigeon courier. As I have personally found this out, you would feel the same when you send your documents and parcels through this courier service provider. It served me with its impeccable service for “desk to desk” courier service of parcels, documents, and packages.

Check how the Pigeon Express Courier company improved its services during recent time by introducing online tracking system.

Pigeon Express Courier Pvt Ltd

Bringing development through innovative services

You will certainly appreciate the new features in its services, which this courier service has incorporated in the last years. Making a humble beginning in the year 2004 in the capital city of India, Pigeon has come a long way in excellence of service towards customers. It has always pursued its ambition to introduce creativity in the development of courier services. With an aim to add to its responsiveness and flexibility in services, it has endeavored to cope with the demands of the industries in India.

Key areas of its services

It was really creative on the part of Pigeon that it has divided its services in to three parts. The first one is the bulk deliveries consisting of bigger sized cargo. The second one is it has brought an inter-city bulk break system throughout India helpful in making deliveries across India.  Last but not the least, to help these two systems of deliveries it has introduced extremely subsidized POD service.

You would certainly appreciate the 135 strategically located service or delivery centers across India. All these centers work for 24×7 basis with the main target to reach the destinations in time.

Innovative products and services

Pigeon has broadly categorized its products and services in to four categories, such as priority, corporate, messenger and value-added express services.

Priority express– This is the service for carrying bulk packets, parcels, and consignments and delivering those within 24 hours of time. I took the full advantage of this service as my mails, parcels, and documents needed delivery at the destinations within 24 hours of time.

Corporate Express

When you want your documents, parcels, and letters to reach the destinations before the banking hours or after the banking hours, Pigeon has for you corporate express service. This normally takes place when you want delivery of your document, parcel, and letter on the very next day.

Messenger Express

I admired this service by Pigeon, where it handled all my operations through a high-tech call center. This value added service helped me to keep up my database perfectly and gave me many advantages.

Value added services

From time to time, I also took advantage of its value added services that fitted my needs arising in business from time to time. You would certainly appreciate the customized solutions that offered great flexibility and convenience in making adjustments with specific business needs.

Elite customer care and tracking

You could mail to cs@pigeonexpress.com  for your any business query.

You can also go to the Contact Page (link mentioned below) and know about its centers located across India.

You can also check the parcels, cargo, and letter by tracking with the below tracking with my B/L number. You could track with the help of multiple numbers.


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