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Palande Courier

The formation and development of Palande Courier is an inspiring story in the world of business. The owner of this great courier service, Mr Yeshwant  V. palande, started this business only with an investment of Rs 100 in the year 1968. At this time, people even did not know about the term “courier”. At present, with its head office at Pune, Palande has spread its branch offices to many different prosperous cities in Maharashtra. Right now, it has more than 300 service centers with a capacity to serve across 400 places in India.

Palande Courier

Highlights of its services

  1. Almost 6,000,000 consignments, 1, 80,000 parcels get delivered through the extensive networks of Palande courier service.
  2. It has links with other service providers and with the help of their network, Palande serves more than 1200 locations. Its services are available in India and abroad.
  3. The notable part of its service is it uses its own vehicles instead of deploying other cheap modes of transportation.
  4. Being a company with courier service, it has completely computerized services inside its branches and franchises.
  5. Speed and safety are the yardsticks in its quality services right from the beginning.

How to track Palande Courier online?

a)   You can log on to this URL here and on the right side track your bookings by inputting awb numbers with the help of commas. You can “track now” below and get the status of your bookings or consignments.


b)   As a customer, you can get registered with your details and in your account; you can login to get the right status of your bookings.

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