OOCL Container Tracking to find Current Position

OOCL Container

The “Orient Overseas container line” Ltd is a wholly integrated global container companies in India. It has always worked with the mission to be the best in the world with its excellent services in international transport through containers and logistics management. All through its existence, it has stayed instrumental in giving a vital link to the world trade and creating value-added services for its customers, employees, shareholders, and partners.

The OOCL Container providing shipping services including India

Highlights and core values of its services

a)    To sharpen the edge of its services, OOCL maintains the best staff in the world by giving them training, exposure, and perquisites. It has the premium services available for the customers because of the world-class training it has given to its employees.

b)    Over the years, it has treated its customers as the real partners in its growth. It has always nurtured the best relationship with its customers through long-term relationship, understanding, and dedication.

c)    It has always adhered to its principles of quality and adopted quality in its each endeavour. By introducing several measures of safety management, the company has rigidly maintained continual development in quality.

d)    It has always stayed at the forefront of social responsibility and for that it has taken up various works in community development. This goes side-by-side its work evolving development work with the help of management principles and HR.

e)    It has also enabled e-services in its website and the customers can take benefits for such services.

f)     Its services include containers, shipping, reefer services, and oversized cargo and shipping besides giving e-services.

g)    You can login to its homepage in website to know about the rates and schedule for sailing.

How can you track online your bookings in its website?

You can easily track OOCl Container using this link  and on the center of the webpage, you can enter the B/L number, booking dates:

Check the tracking of OOCL Container status online

And types of containers to track and know the right status of your consignment or booking in its services.

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