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MSC Container Online Tracking

The Mediterranean Shipping Company which is also known as MSC Container in India is one of the biggest companies in the world. With a staff of around 500 and 33 offices, it offers shipping and container services from different ports of India. Its services are described holistic by nature and the clientele in India get the service to send goods to different parts of the world with the help of containers. Just like other service provider like OOCL ContainerMaersk Line Container  etc the MSC Container also providing tracking tool to find the current status of the shipping.


Highlights of its services

Export- It has the complete range of export services. On their website you can see the lit of nations, where you can send your goods and commodities through exports.

Import– It also gets goods and services through imports from various nations. You can log on to see the list of nations from where you can import the goods and commodities and you can visit their import section to see the ports, the company serves to get imports to India from abroad.

Vessel and related services – Containers play the most important roles along with ships to send off goods and commodities as exports or receive them as imports. You can log on to the Vessel page here to see the details of the containers, which you need and pertinent services for them. The details are listed therein.

Log on and search for anything that you need

a) You can log on to its website  on mentioned below URL and on the left the details of the services are listed. You can make inquiries about the services you need along with the applicable rates for the same.

b) When you have the doubts about the documents, which you need for either exports or imports, you can look for the same in the website.

c)  You can get the booking form and book the goods and wares straight from the website.

d)  You can give declaration in Form-13. You can take the privilege filling the Form-13 online.

Tracking – an integrated part of sophistication in MSC Container

Visit the tracking page of MSC Container here and fill in the box with the number from Bill of lading and click on the ‘search’ next and you will get your correct status instantly there.

The MSC container provide tracking system to check the status

MSC has engaged most up-to-date technologies from IT to give you the correct position of your booking.

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