Metro Maruti Express Courier / Parcel Tracking

Metro Maruti Express Courier / Parcel Tracking

You would feel delighted to know that Metro Maruti Express came in to existence on the special occasion of Independence Day of India. The courier company celebrates its anniversary day every year on the auspicious occasion of independence. It is the only company in the courier industry, which specializes in giving “express service” in metro cities. Don’t confuse with Shree Maruti Courier, the one I am talking about is another courier company. I appreciated its outstanding capacity to deliver parcels and documents with perfection in keeping deadlines in time. Moreover, I found this giant in courier service always sticks to its principles in time-bound and safe deliveries across the destinations in India and abroad. Let’s know about its specialties in Cargo management and courier services, which make it a favorite of its thousands of clients all over the world.

The Metro Maruti Express Courier Company

Diversified services

Before we go deeply inside its distinctions in management and achievements on other fronts, let’s have gist about the areas in service, where this courier service is functioning with great efficiency.

The services go as follows;

  1. Door to door air courier express
  2. Delivery of important documents from airport to residence or office of the clients
  3. Delivery of consignments from airport to airport
  4. Exports of general items
  5. Service of courier and shipment through sea-routes
  6. Help in import clearance and deliveries
  7. Help in the payment of road freight

You would avail all the services in the above mentioned areas only through express deliveries. Now, the express services have further divisions on the basis of priority in making deliveries. This courier service provider has only standardized its services on the basis of your urgency for deliveries.

Let’s talk about the prioritized services that would solely help the cause of your urgency.

International fast express service for documents/parcels- You feel assured when you send through this service to the international destinations.  The company assures you delivery within the timeframe of maximum three days.

International Express next flight service– When I had necessity to send my documents in the next flight, I immediately caught hold of this service of this courier company. The representatives of this courier service picked up the mail from my office within one hour.

International economy express– International services could be expensive for you and the “high priority” services are really expensive services. You need not worry as Metro Maruti courier has for you this economy service that would fit the size of your budget. But it is certain that your deliveries will reach the destinations within 4-5 days.

Home delivery through express service – Last but not the least, the home services through express deliveries matter a lot for me as I have to send several parcels, letters, and documents to various places in India. If you need express deliveries at your home, office, and anywhere in India, this is the dedicated service for your use. Such service only involves high quality deliveries with precision in time-bound service. This courier has launched a money back guarantee scheme and if it fails to deliver it within the time frame, it refunds you the price that you have paid for its service. You need not have a second thought about hiring this service as it is a “must” for the delivery of important documents inside India.

Tracking- most valuable tool in its service

Metro Maruti gives you easy and convenient tracking. Follow this URL where you can see online tracking tool which is similar to below provided screen:

Online tracking tool of Metro Maruti Express Courier company

And track with the help your B/L or document number on this page.

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