How to Track the GMS Courier Status Online

Well the GMS Courier (full name is GMS Express Private Limited) service provided tracking solution to check the status of parcel. It has a very unique style of being the nice service provider and all they do is the follow the three simple rules of courier work and those three rules are; Devise, deploy and Deliver. Now they also have their reasons why these three things are the core of a best courier services according to them a best courier service is the one who takes care of the customer from the moment a customer has first interacted with them till the customer says thank you, and for that procedss they follow three simple steps of Devise, Deploy and Deliver.

The GMS Express Prvited Limited - the leading courier company in India

They established themselves from the year 2006 with the main office located in Bangalore.  They are also very particular about their team and they believe in the philosophy of right people right work, in short they believe its people who make the difference.

With more than 100 branch offices and more than 1200 Franchisee they are genuinely on the way to fly high.

Want to track your CMS Courier consignment status on just one click via online , just follow few steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the  page and wait for few seconds so that the page appear completely.
  • Look at the extreme right on the top of your screen there you will find its written in Caps “CONSIGNMENT TRACKING” just below that there is a box like this:

The Consignment tracking tool from GMS Courier

  • Write your consignment number in the space in the box and click ‘submit’.
  • `get the status appeared on the screen.

Customer Support

The GMS courier also provides dedicated customer support across India including below mentioned cities. Their customer care number mentioned below:


Phone: 2694-1250/51 (before dialling the landline line number add the city code 080)
Fax: 2694-1259 (add the city std code which is 080 before delivering the fax)
Email:  corp@gms-exp

New Delhi        

Phone:  4573-7333, 4573-7300, 88600-62850 (add city code 011 before the landline and do add 0 before the mobile number if you are out of the city)
Email: and

Chennai  Office

Support Phone: 4553-5357 / 4437, 90031-57732 (add the city code which is 044 before dialling the landline number and add 0 before the mobile number if you are calling from a different city)
Fax: 4553-5357 (add the city code 044 before sending the fax)



Phone No.: 6459-5256/90070-92929 (add city code 033 before dialling the landline number and add 0 before calling the mobile if you are calling from a different city)
Email:  or


Mobile: 86550-00736/38/39 (add 0 before the calling the cell number)


32 thoughts on “How to Track the GMS Courier Status Online”

  1. Why the Consignment No. 413633238, is coming back withput delivering? Please clarify and send back the cnsignment to the sender immediately;


  2. docket no 413734052 in the web site the tracking status is not showing any status. Pleases update the status.The said parts are urgently required.

    1. I’ve sent a small box carried homeopathy medicines from jaipur to gurgaon on 4th Feb 2014 by GMS courier but it is not reached at destination till date where
      it goes ? My consignment note no. 300319095

  3. I had a courier delivered from Citibank and the consignment number is 410933120. The courier has taken the letter for dispatch on 27 / 12/ 2013. Even after 7 days the consignment is not delivered. Is this what you call good service . Look into this and resolve this issue immediately

  4. Hi
    Yesterday We are sending courier to delhi,As per gms tracking not showing any status,Please kindly conform the status on priority.

    doc no : 413859065

    Thanks Regards
    Raju A

    1. i sent one parcle on 17/04/ 2014 for west life fashion, mavoor road calicut- 673001 kerala by doct no.300332703
      but it is not deliver till today 30/04/2014 and also call to your delhi office on ph. no. 28114032 but not recd. any reply from above phone no. please give us reply as soon as possible thnks.

      manager hindustan advertising co. khurana m. 9810221850

  5. My Parcel to USA sent on 24 of JAN 2014. It is not delivered and I am worried. The gms express not showing any status. pl confirm immediately. consignment no is 8004973374.

    C. Mukhopadhyay

  6. Hi
    I book parcel for uk on 19th February. Till today no track report no . 702344278 as per gms. I am worrried. Please reply.

  7. my tracking # is 413898745. seller states it has been shipped through you . when will i get the delivery of my consignment on what date . please contact me on 022-26545607 or 0986 920 7490 before delivery for suitable delivery timing to both of us. WHAT IS YOUR CONTACT NUMBER IN MUMBAI.

  8. I have booked 2 parcels in your Amberpet Franchise center on 27-03-2014. It is amazing to say that our sisters at Kukkatpally and Vijayawada have not yet received. In Kukkatpally delivery there is an Air Ticket also be present for 6th April. Reply soon about the status

  9. I am order the Amway product in online. They sent SMS product will be sending through(30/04/2014) GMS Express PVT LTD. But now didn’t get my Amway product. Whey courier people will deliver product. My order details 85909538.My co.KA-8147867009,TN-07708651088.

  10. I couldn’t see any status with tracking number 104041288 it has been sent from Noida CG mantra institute I haven’t received it yet please notify me asap

  11. Decided not to opt GMS any more. Speaks much do little is Thayer policy. Tracking never works. Their Hyderabad office is more irresponsible. They take their own time ( days) to deliver after receipt. Never speaks truth

  12. On 11.07.2014 I have sent a package vide CN No. 900414533 to Ranchi. But when tracking it shows that the said consignment number was booked on 10.07.2014 to Siliguri. Please check this. It is like joke.

  13. Mahadevpura,Whitefield Main road,Bangalore GMS courier service is very bad.They are so irresponsible.They are not coming to the address mentioned.They just calls to your mobile 2/3 times.If your phone is not reachable,they don’t try to deliver it to your address.Simply they send it back.If you call also they are not responding properly. I will not suggest anyone to go for this courier service.

  14. I had booked my pension papers addressed to Officer in Charge, RODL, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nasirabad road, Makupura Ind Area, Ajmer, 305002 Rajasthan on 4-8-2014 at Vijanagar collection centre, Bangalore 560040 with No413488444, with the mobile and land line numbers. Neither it is delivered to the office nor we are unable to track the same both by me and booking agent at Vijayanagar. I feel that I should have sent by speed post at least governmental responsibility would have been there for the delay or lapses, Please do the needful for tracking and see that it is delivered to the above address.

  15. We have sent a consignment from Ahmedabad to Mumbai on 19/09/14 but till now i.e 23/09/14 it is not delivered. Doc no: 702649868
    Your site shows out for delivery on 20/09/14 is the delivery boy still holding the packet for delivery from saturday to tuesday. Very Poor service not acceptable and we are unsatisfied.

  16. I have sent usb hard disk by gms courier servic but i am not getting tracking status.
    track no-800693051
    please let me know my parcel status asap.

  17. Docket No 104099816 dispatched on 26 Sept 2014 from Delhi. showing status as delivered on 30/12/1899 at nagpur and 1/1/1900 at Jaipur. what is going on ? where is the parcel.

  18. Hi
    We are unable to trace below parcel, Please provide status.

    Docket No. 414488021
    Dated 02/06/2014

    Regards / Yogesh Kumar

  19. i have sent an courier to lucknow having consignment no.900222392 and it is showing invalid consignment ,,,what the hell is thissss now

  20. Shail International sended the courier Dec 29th but till now I didn’t receive the courier please check and dispatch the courier asap Docket no :417859053 .

  21. Docket no.900487710 is not delivered yet from 03/04/16,when by tracking it is showing that consignment no. is invalid what i should do pl. Return my parcel

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