How DTDC location finder works in India

How DTDC location finder works

Is there any commercial courier organization in India, which is equally committed to social welfare besides doing business?  There is only one name in this industry; it is DTDC. Being a 22 years old organization, it has developed a business model, which is fully based on improvement of social causes and strong sense of ethical values in serving its clientele. As a result, it has grown from strength to strength and now-a-days, it is considered as the topmost organization in courier industry. The DTDC courier company also listed in the top courier companies in Delhi. It has the unparalleled brand value acquired just within the time span of two decades.

DTDC Courier company in India

Location Finder – uniqueness of the concept 

The inception of this organization came right from a great visionary- Subhasish Chakraborty, who always stressed upon having newer systems implemented in DTDC.  He ensured success through his unrelenting hard endeavors and for this DTDC is what it is today. Location finder is a facility brought by this giant in the courier industry

i)  The purpose that lies beneath introducing this facility in its webpage is you need not move around a place looking for a DTDC outlet. It saves your precious time as you can reach there to book your consignment after you get the correct location of the outlet.

ii)  The facility is not only extended only towards the local searches but you can conveniently look for the location of at the international locations.

iii)  Further to this, you can also search with the help of specific ‘keyword’.

How DTDC Location finder works?

The DTDC courier company know the importance of location finder and that is why provided online tool URL  that allow user to locate any location of the company across India.  Once you follow above mentioned URL then you will land to a page that looks like this –

Location finder tool of DTDC

And on the web-page fill in the names of you city, pin code number, and area. You can also search by specific ‘keyword’. Click on the “find’ button below. You will find the location at your place.

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