Gold Star Line Container and Cargo Tracking Online

Gold Star Line Container and Cargo Tracking Online

The Gold Star Line was established as a company in the year of 1958. Its ships first sailed from Japan to Hong Kong and from there it went to South and West Africa. The year 1978 saw it establishing link with the help of its fleet from India to South and West Africa. In the year1982, Gold Star began its container services to East Africa. It inked agreement with leading companies in the world to provide container services to Japan and South Africa. In the subsequent days, its services for container services spread to major countries in the world.

Let’s know its special services of Gold Star Line Cargo, which it has designed for its customers.

The Gold Star Line Ltd

Highlights of its container services

i)  You can go the the Gold star site here and you can know the sailing schedule that might fit your requirements.

ii) Click on the ‘services’ and then on the ‘equipment’ below and you will get a brief idea about the containers that can help with the shipping of your cargo. You can know by its size, width, and weight that can fit the lifting of your normal and over-sized cargo.

iii) You can know from the ‘port codes’, where you can have the services for your cargo.

iv) On the last link of ‘rotations’, you can know about the various modules of the services that can help with the lifting of your cargo.  The service modules are designed as per the necessity of its important customers.

Tracking Gold Star Line Container is easy

Log on to and on the top of the web-page, click on ‘contact us’ and you can know the email IDs of various contacts that can help you to make inquiries about the booking services for containers.

Click on the cargo tracing on the same page and track the cargo with the help of ‘container number’ or B/L number’  and know the exact status of your booked materials.

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