Globex International Courier Tracking Solution

Globex International Courier Tracking Solution

Globex is one of the few courier service providers in India with national and international operations. It has innovative as well as tailor-made services for its clients who rely on its round-the-clock operations and customer care. This giant in logistics had a humble beginning in the year 1997 and it rose to height of fame by giving premium services in every segment of logistics. With the range of tailor-made services for its esteemed clients, it has created record in rendering long-term services to them. It has associations with different national and international freight forwarders, custom brokers, and insurers.  Defining ‘technology’ as the moving force behind its existence, it serves with the help of hundreds of technically and professionally skilled employees. Its staffs are trained to handle every part of documentation work necessary for shipping purposes. Moreover, its services are always time-honored and tailored to meet the specific needs of people.

Globex Courier and Logistic Solution company in India

Globex Courier Services

Service for next-day delivery – It has designed fastest service system that guarantees about next day delivery of cargo. For London, New York, and Frankfurt, it has designed the fastest track in service that almost gives 99% guarantee about making delivery of the consignments in time.

Service for the second day delivery – In the same way, it also guarantees about making deliveries of consignments within two working days. For this service, it also gives 99% guarantee of making deliveries within 48 hours time. This service facility is most suitable for the people, who want delivery of cargoes at less expensive tariffs.

Expert in third-party logistics – It is also the experienced third-party logistics service provider for reputed clients like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and ARAMEX. Through long-term association, these clients have realized that Globex offers value-based services for them.

Immense cost-effective solutions – The clients have realized that Globex gives immensely cost-effective solutions, when they make use of its network.

Expert services in heavy shipments – The services for heavy shipments are not only good but those are really cost-effective. Globex offers special discounted prices for heavy shipments.

Special help in documentation for custom works – It gives hassle free services to its clients in making the documents ready for transportation. As a transporter, it takes care of the worries of its clients in preparing documents for transportation.

Cash on delivery services – It has cash-on-delivery (COD) services in USA, UK, Europe, and Hong Kong. For parties based at those places, this service is really beneficial.

Globex Courier Customer Care

For every urgent need, the clients could send mail to  and its service representatives would get in touch with the clients with right solutions for their needs. They could even call the customer care numbers 91-11-25991768, 91-11-25991770, and 91-11-45680811 and get solutions about their queries.

Globex Courier & Logistics Tracking
In case you send any courier or parcel using Globex service then you can use below tool to  track with the help awb numbers by mentioning inside the box. They would click on ‘track’ below to get the right status of their consignments pending in transit.

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