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Forun Express Courier

Although Forun Express began its operations in the year 2011, it has covered a long distance within a short span of time. Symbolic of its services, it has focused its attention on the customers with the help of two slogans; the first one is “Customer is the king” and meaning its customers, the second slogan goes as-“FIRST IN LOGISTIC SERVICES”. Let’s check how Forun Express Courier  tracking works and their services in detail below.

 The Forun Express Courier Services in India

Highlights of its national and international services

i)  It has designed exclusive services for its national and international customers. In the segment of national customers, it has divided services in different categories targeting specific types of customers.

ii) Through a ‘fixed time plan’, it has decided to deliver the consignments to the customers the very fixed day within the time frame of 10:30 A.M. to 12:00 PM.

iii) In another plan called, ‘air express gold plan’, it guarantees delivery in the next working day with the promise 100% money refund in case of failure.

iv) Through another dedicated service, ‘air express silver plan’, it guarantees to make delivery on the second day and also guarantees to refund money in case of failure.

v)  It has a full-fledged ‘domestic national courier plan’, which targets the domestic market completely.

vi)   It has other value added special services, disseminating exclusive services at national and international markets.

How can you book the consignments and look for them through tracking?

Log on to  and you can see in it the availability of its services at your place. You can book for consignment in its branch office.

Log on to the same web page and take the help of tracking on the left page. Enter the consignment numbers separately with commas in the box under ‘track your shipment’ that looks like this:


Now Click on ‘track’ button below and get the right status of your booking and it will show the status of your courier on next page.

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