Flyking Courier Tracking Services

The Flyking courier are one the most renowned courier services in India. With their dedicated force of working professionals it has been achieving a lot of accomplishments day by day and work by work.  Flyking couriers are great in their service and also in punctuality.

Flyking Courier Services Pvt Ltd


With the vision of being the number one of India with their esteem service providing capability they are accomplishing very job with a great deal of dedication.

Flying has a very unique way of providing the best service to the customer; they follow the rule of simplicity and customer’s choice. With heir door pick and drop style of service they has managed the special position in their customer’s mind and as well as in the courier business.

Want to check your consignment status in Flyking courier services?

If you have sent a courier or may be someone has sent you a courier by utilising Flyking courier services and you want to check the consignment status of it and are confused how to check. Then all you need to do is just follow the steps which are mention below and that will lead you the right way of checking the consignment status online:

Flyking Courier Tracking

  • Visit the website here and see at your screen if the page has appeared completely.
  • Once the page appears on the screen completely you will find a box like this…. On the mid of the page:

Flyking Courier tracking tool to check the status of your courier

  • Type your consignment number inside the box and press ‘Find’ button located below after that.
  • Wait for few seconds and then the status will appear on your screen.


Want to talk to the customer care executive Flyking Courier regarding the service and charges?

Well if you have any query and you want them resolved then you can surely call the customer care number which is given below for your reference;

Mumbai Office No.1 :

  • Telephone:  2834-9075 and 2837-2020 (add city code that is 022)
  • Fax number: 6691-6841 (add city code 022)
  • Email assistance:

For Mumbai Office No. 2:

  • Telephone number: 2837-2021(add city code 022)
  • Fax Number: 2240-5187 (add city code 022)
  • Email assistance:

38 thoughts on “Flyking Courier Tracking Services”

  1. Its been 7 days, our tracking status is showing “out for dilivering” as on 26 Aug 2013 still i did’nt recieve my courier. & Local no. is not responding. How many days you’ll take for local dilivery ?

  2. dear sir,
    i have deliverd 06.02.2014 one courier durg to raigarh consinment note no 203944069 but letter was not received in raigarh

    1. Dear sir ,
      I have one packet sending through Flyking courier to Hydrabad,consignment Number-345592082.
      but packet was not received,do not show internet, flyking courier tracking.pls sugest me what can i do?

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    1.) One letter booked from Amritsar on 17.02.201 to Kundli, Sonepat (Haryana) vide C/ment No.104024633. But We have not received upto till time.
    2.) One letter booked from Faizabad on 03.02.201 to Kundli, Sonepat (Haryana) vide C/ment No.204368345. But We have not received upto till time.


    1. C/ment No.346073071 dtd.14/12/2015 booked from kolkata to Kundli, Sonepat, Haryana. But not delivered upto today 26/02/2016. approx 2.5 month. The courier service is very poor.

      Pl. do not use this courier any one in future.

  4. Dear sir ,
    I am sorry to say that the courier no 31403836 booked on 19th feb has not yet received as its urgent we asked them to sent by your service by why till now we have not received . what will happen to those customers if there is an oppintment letter sent by your service . please try to deliver on time … today 25th feb i have not received … dont know will i receive or not ….

  5. On 23/2/2014 consignment has reached Gurgaon but till 6pm of 25th /02 /2014 it is not delivered?
    Consignment No. 302176249

  6. Fly king Courier and docket No. 301922234 – Letter sent from Barbil to Bangalore dt 19/02/2014. Not delivered yet. Pl. check and revert.

  7. Document booked from Raxaul vide cn no. 301048071 dt. 3/3/2014 yet not delivered 10/3/3014 5.20 p.m.
    Status report says it was arrived Ghaziabad on 7/3/2014 at 9.33 a.m. It is undelivered despite of several reminders to booking office. on requesting GZB office it was replied that it will be delivered according to their convinience only. Head office advised us to contact booking office only

  8. my courier no is not delivered till now and i am not able to track my courier. my courier no is 101719976 so plz rack my courier and give me a massage to me

  9. I had sent a document from Cuttack to Kolkata on 26/03/2014 vide consignment No. 301859000. Till yet it is not delivered. Please inform to receiving person Sri S. K. Sahoo, his Mobile No. +917890889606. He will receive his document from your Kolkata Office.

  10. all your customer care numbers are busy. How to contact your company?
    my courier has not reached yet and it has been 13 days!! no reply from anyone no website update is there. Cant track cant report. no proper response anywhere. What is your compnay doing?? is it sleeping? Plus Such a shameful attitude your representatives have.
    i want my courier as soon as possible. Contact me or I’ll report this as serious matter.
    205203256 dated 16-04-2014

  11. Docket Number 205146226
    Booked from Bombay to Bahadurgarh Haryana on 02.05.2014
    Still now consignment not received.
    Asked in Delhi office on 011-32597013 but they refused.
    I am in trouble can you help me. Tell me status immediately on 09416533532
    Consignment from S.R Industries to Garg Sales Corporation

  12. I had sent a parcel to ludhiana on 21 feb 2014 but its not delivered till date.No body picks the phone and no compensation is given to me till date.

  13. I had sent a parcel to ludhiana on 21 feb 2014.receipt no 105572866 but it is not delivered till date.there were clothes worth 6300 rs.i have given the copy of bill also but 4 months have passed , I did not get d compensation or a responsible reply.nobody picks fone in ur office.what should I do.pls give solution to my problem

  14. I had sent a parcel to ludhiana on 21 feb 2014.receipt no 105572866 but it is not delivered till date.there were clothes worth 6300 rs.i have given the copy of bill also but 4 months have passed , I did not get d compensation or a responsible reply.nobody picks fone in ur office.what should I do.pls give solution to my contact no is 9811755536

  15. M sorry to say that consignment no.332362042 wich was dispatched on 16 may 2014 which was suppose to deliver to delhi on 21 may has not been deliverd yet.and there is no record available to track the consignment too.its very urgent so plz deliver the consignment as soon as possible


  17. I am sorry to tosay that the courier no 335526799 booked on 05/07/2014 has not received as its urgent I asked them to send by your service by why till now they have not received. please try to deliver on time…

    Debabrata Sarkar

  18. i booked a packet, dtd.09.07.14 to paradeep(iffco). Sorry to say that,the same is not deliver till to-day(15.07.14).strange is that after several request by receiver (iffco) the destination point have no responce.Iam shocked regarding service.

  19. Dear Sir,

    i live in ANGUL district of orissa. When ever courier comes it is said that come and receive your courier . They do not deliver the courier.

  20. from 18aug to 24aug tak ek packed bombay se patiala nahi pahooncha kyo loka nu foodhoo bana rahe ho. patiala branch bich ek phone bhi nahi hai ki banda puch lebe ghtiya service band kar ke ghre baith jao loka nu hor preshan na karo

  21. I have booked a parcel for. Nagda to Delhi on 11/12/14 with consignment receipt – 206913353. But its tracking status is not available. The system shows no record found as I enter above said receipt no. Please help me to get the delivery status of the item.

  22. I had sent a parcel of mobile on 15th November from Odisha to Bangalore. But the parcel not received yet. I have visited them many times and also wrote so many mails but no response from them. I don’t know what the hell business they are doing.

  23. I was supposed to receive a consignment I’d 3044 82011 by thursday via Flying courier, but I haven’t received it yet, whenever I try to talk to so called customer care they ask me to talk to Nehru place site of them, whats the meaning of customer care then. I don’t know what will happen to my article

  24. My relative Mr.S K Mishra had booked the consignment number 339251143 dt.30.04.2015 from Bhubaneswar to Gurgaon. Till date I have not received the documents. It is a urgent one and request for early delivery. Also I am not able to track online. Please expedite.

  25. Sir,
    I have booked a parcel from Delhi to Ranchi. Which docket no is 110820909. Dated by 5/8/15.
    But still now parcel is not reached in my address. Why why why. I think u should understanding my emergency.
    So plz Track it and reply me fast

  26. A courier was sent from odisha to chakan,pune having no.305675597 on 19/08/2015 Till date it was not received and i unable to track it in your website.this is very sad to say that your courier is very poor plz upgrade it and inform me it arrive or not.

  27. my courier no is 212060950 and hasn’t delivered yet, also i am unable to track it online. Kindly assist .

    have sent from Durg to Bangalore.

  28. My parcel has not been delivered at Surat vide Consignment No.-345312735 ,dt 15.12.2015 .It is not found in your tracking system, so expedite the same.

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