CMA CGM Container Tracking Online

CMA CGM Container Tracking

The CMA CGM is still reckoned as one of the best container service providers in the world. It is 3rd largest companies in this field and in France it has always secured the 1st position. Its foundation was laid down in Marseille way back in 1978 and since that time, it has covered a long distance in growth. As of now, it has spanned its network in 150 nations by establishing 650 agencies, which is served by 18,000 employees. In the world trade, it has posted itself in a leading position as it did business of 15.9 Billion US$ in the year 2012.  They are counted among the biggest container and much bigger from MSC container, Maersk Line Container etc. It has the very impressive fleet of 414 vessels that connects the world completely.

The CMA CGM Container Shipping company

Highlights of its services

i) It facilitates services through shipping with the help of containers.  You can log on to and on this webpage make search by giving the details of ‘search’ country to’ destination’ country. You will get intimation about the details of services.

ii)  Go to this page and you get the information about its inland services in detail. It gives DOOR/RAMP TO DOOR/RAMP service in inland services.

iii) CMA CGM is the third biggest CONTAINER services company in the world. With an amazing collection of 1,400,000 containers, it makes its presence felt in every part of the world. The containers belong to various groups to take care of every need of any kind of customer.

iv) The traditional containers under its possession are standards, reefers, platform, and open top and besides these types of containers, it has special containers to take care of special goods, which cannot be sent by the normal conventional containers.

v)  All containers maintained by CMA CGM Company meet excellent standards and therefore, those have been accorded ISO certification.

vi)  The company has its teams of experts and the members of the teams supervise the loading, packing, and sending of goods in perfect condition according to their set norms.

The facility for e-business

  1. CMA CGM can help you with its online feature in doing business. You can visit this URL and click on the eBusiness and immediately, all the related services for it will appear on the webpage. You can know about the schedules of its departure, tariffs, booking, and solutions through shipments.
  2. You can register your details by creating an account and make transactions with the help of that.

CMA CGM Container tracking easy online

After you book your goods through its services, you can do the tracking of your booked goods. Log on to the official page here and go to ‘container tracking’. Enter your booking number and bill of lading number.

The CMA CGM Container Online tracking to check the status of your container

Under it, enter your ‘reference number’ and click on the ‘search’ on its right side. You will get the updated status of your booking.

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