Can I Send Mobile Phone via Courier in India ?

Can I Send Mobile Phone via Courier in India

Sending items anywhere in the world is no longer a biblical task, and it certainly does not require any super heroics on your part.

Courier service is a fantastic way to send goods including Mobile phone anywhere you want in the world, and depending upon the location and the type of item, it could be transported via air, rail, or roadways.

Now send your mobile via Parcel

Not long ago the only option you had was the Indian Postal Service i.e Speed Post, and every time you sent your item you had a prayer on your lips till it reached its final destination. But courier services have redefined postal services in India as they have hastened up the delivery process which traditionally government services were blamed for. The private courier services like DTDC, Velex, Blazeflash etc owing to their dedicated principles and quick turnarounds are giving tough competition, and making their government counterpart run for its money.

Mobile Phone via Courier in India

Well, though couriers have raised the bar of transportation services, there are still some items you cannot send through them, especially the inflammable and explosive ones. Hence you have to declare the item you intend to send. If you want to send a mobile phone via courier you can do so, except that its battery may not be allowed to send via air as a precaution against explosion.

Your mobile phone being a sensitive electronic gadget, it can get damaged during transition so you need to ensure it gets enough protection during handling.

  • Wrap bubble sheet around your mobile, it would work as cushion to absorb the shocks while transportation.
  • Then put it in a hard box to protect it from getting crushed, thermocol box would do just fine.

Though once you have selected your courier company they may want to see the packed item, hence do not seal the package until it has been inspected. Then again, cost should be another factor which you would like to consider. Prices offered by different courier companies may vary, and depending upon your points of transit you may find the courier charges quite staggering.

Cutting the chase, there are courier companies who will ship your mobile phones anywhere is India, but they may not take responsibility of your item, and you may have you sign a document taking full responsibility in case of loss. Hence, you will not be compensated for misplacement, thefts, or damages. If your mobile phone is an expensive unit better not to send it, and then if the transportation cost happens to be more than the cost price of your mobile phone, sending it via courier is futile.

For any queries you can contact the courier companies over their telephones or emails, and they will provide you specific clarifications.

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