Can I Send Food via Courier?

Can I Send Food via Courier

There is no better way to show your appreciation and affection for your loved ones than sending them their much loved home food. Giving you a helping hand are the various courier service companies who have become the good Samaritans to help you bond your ties with their family and friends.

But yes, you do need to comply with certain norms to avoid any hazards during transitions, and for that your food items have to go through scrutiny and paperwork undertakings before they are sent off. Have a look how to can send food via courier across India below.

Send food via courier or Pracel

Packing of Food

Before you start surfacing your benevolent character for someone you love, you need to ensure that you pack the food item in an appropriate manner to avoid spills on the way so that the receivers do not end up with empty packs or spoilt food, and hanging tongues.

  • Avoid packing food while it is still hot, as it could lead to condensation which rubs off the flavor of your food item.
  • Later put your food item with an aluminum foil pack and make it leak proof.
  • If your food item is prone to decay, freeze it in your refrigeration systems as it would minimizes the fungal growth over the food. You should as well inform the receiver to be ready for the parcel on time.
  • If your food item is perishable, make sure the courier company has insulated refrigerated containers for the delivery, or check that the delivery time of your parcel is well before the contents decay sets in.
  • Select the right box for your parcel. Make sure there is enough breathing space for the food, for if the box is cramped it could burst open and spills would make their mark.
  • For different food items make sure they are packed separately and sealed to avoid mix over and the receiver ending up with cocktail of flavors.
  • Then you should not forget to label you box from outside and from inside as well, for if the outer label fades off, service providers can verify the details from inside.

And yes, while transporting your food items especially the perishable ones, it is pertinent to consider the turnaround time of the courier service.  There are courier service provider like DTDC courier to DHL courier providing such services. You can send snacks and sweets, either homemade or from grocery shops. Or you can send raw food like rice, wheat, pulses, spices, paste, and other grocery items.

You can send your food items anywhere in India, and to many countries abroad. The price of food items vary between different places, hence sending them via courier can at times come cheap. You can send any quantity of food, and within the stipulated time your parcel will be delivered at the door steps of the receiver.

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