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Blue Dart Express Courier

In India, of course, Blue Dart Express  is treated as a royal courier. It is because over the years, this courier has exclusively focused on priority. By priority it means not only business but timeliness of deliveries that it has to stick to and perform accurately. In the over-competitive courier business, the business solely depends on accuracy of timing in deliveries. To top it all, it has the most interactive and communicative website that helps you to gain every piece of information. The Bluedart is counted among the top courier services provider in India in which Professional Courier, Trackon Couriers also counted. You can get every type of cooperation from this company as and when you wait with your bated breath to know whether the things sent through this have been delivered at the promised time. Let’s check Blue Dart tracking system and it’s courier services in India below:

Blue Dart Company - India

Features of Blue Dart courier’s service

  1. You can register your details in its website and login with your username and password to do tracking and even you can send requests for pick-ups.
  2. You need not be disillusioned about the transit time because you can login to below mentioned URL and click on the “transit time finder’ at the left of the webpage. Find the time that it would take to make the deliveries.
  3. You can also find the exact price that it would charge to make deliveries of parcels, documents, and other things sent through its service.

How can you do the tracking of goods, parcels, and documents?

a) Log on to this URL and mention either waybill number or reference number from your receipt in the box located on left hand side of the site as shown below:

Blue dart tracking tool

b) You can make several queries by entering multiple numbers with commas.

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