How to track Anl Courier Online?

ANL Parcel Service

The ANL parcel and courier service came in to existence in the year 1976 and presently, the company has its headquarter at Hyderabad.  With further diversification,  it brought a bigger logistics division and then only, the ANL PARCEL AND COURIER was completely set-up.  The matter to be appreciated about this company is that although it began just with 70 branches, now-a-days, it operates through a massive network of 1500 branches with satellite connection and it is spread throughout India. Due to this, it has now the most prestigious clientele that includes esteemed government as well as corporate bodies.

Anl Courier Parcel Service

Highlights of its service

  1. It gives the most assured and timely service.
  2. It has the most scientifically packing system that gives guarantee against delivery of important parcels, especially the delicate items.
  3. Since the beginning, due to safe handling of the articles and documents , it has been featured in many newspapers for its noteworthy services.
  4. As a partner in management, APSRTC gives the service of its buses and other carriers for the transportation of the items in parcel and courier services.
  5. It has also the most excellent tracking service.

How can you track online?

You can directly go to the official website here and go to the tracking information in the middle of the page, given below. You can either give your  C.note number or customer reference number and click on the “submit” button next. Your ANL parcel tracking status will be displayed in a flash.


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